Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mojito Sorbet

Memories of summer back in Italy and Fenocchio, an ice cream shop famous for having 100+ weird and wacky ice cream flavours everyday including flowers, beer, all types of chocolates and sweets, pretty much anything you can think of :)

It’s finally summer here in Australia so its time to bring out the sorbet recipes, first ones gotta be the awsome mojito sorbet I had in Old Nice. This method allows you to make commercial grade sorbet without an ice cream machine or weird and unsual ingredients; the secret is actually egg whites.

Here I’ve made a virgin mojito sorbet however you can easily add a tablespoon or two of rum (that’s the one they use for mojitos right?) to turn it into a standard mojito sorbet, however note if you add alcohol into the sorbet it will become a softer and runnier consistency as alcohol doesn’t freezer.

Anyhows, yup this recipe can also be used for make any other type of sorbet, just replace the mint leaves and lime juice with whatever other liquid e.g. orange juice, lemon, watermelon etcetc. I think the general rule is, if its something you can mix with water then it will work (e.g. chocolate sorbet sucks cos well who mixes chocolate and water to make anything, chocolate goes better with milk hence you’re better off making ice cream then sorbet out of chocolate, same goes with vanilla – vanilla sorbet ew) You can also turn it into a sherbet recipe by blending in a bit of thickened cream right at the end.

Mojito Sorbet

(makes 1Litre)


1/2 cup lime juice
1/2 cup mint leaves
1 cup sugar
1 egg white
2 cup water


  1. Combine the water and sugar in a pot over medium heat, once the sugar dissolves bring the syrup to a boil
  2. Once boiling, take the syrup of the heat and allow it to cool
  3. Once cooled, stir in the lime juice
  4. Pour the mixture into a container, place it in the freezer for 12 hours or overnight
  5. Once solidly frozen, remove it from the freezer and break it into 5 to 6 medium size cubes
  6. Place the cubes into a blender and mix it up slightly, then add the egg white and mint leaves and blend until it is of slushy consistency
  7. Transfer the slushy back into the container and freeze for about 4 hours or so
Tip: Don't use a take away container; use a lunchbox or hardish plastic container. Takeaway boxes are too weak and break too easily. I've killed way too many containers making sorbet this way 

All these awesome fresh ingredients that my dad grows at home that I had no clue about & Apparently some species of lime turn yellow when ripe 

The unfrozen sorbet mixture 
Slightly defrosted sorbet being blended
Consistency after mixing in the egg white
After a couple of hours in the freezer to refrost everything, here is the awesome sorbet you get without using an ice cream machine :) 
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  6. OMG! I would have never thought of a Mojito sorbet. Looks very yummy, I'm going to give it try. Thanks for posting!